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Aboud & Associates is a leader in urban tree inventory, assessment and management. 


Aboud & Associates is a leader in urban tree inventory, assessment and management. We are frequently called upon by design professionals, legal experts, and government agencies to provide urban forestry solutions. We are experienced in reviewing urban forestry guidelines and by-laws in coordination with municipalities across southern Ontario. Our ISA Certified Arborists apply their extensive knowledge to evaluate the past, present and anticipated future conditions of trees, developing long-term management strategies along infrastructure corridors, developments and open spaces.


Arborist Reports

Aboud & Associates is experienced in preparing arborist reports in support of development applications. Our reports summarize existing conditions of trees, prescribe measures to protect trees from injury during development, and identify required permitting. Our work is prepared to the satisfaction of the municipality and understandable to the client.

Arborist Plans

Arborist Plans also referred to as; Tree Preservation Plans, Tree Management Plans, Tree Inventory Plan sand/or Tree Saving Plans are prepared for site plan approvals, zoning amendments, severance consents or other types of development projects. We have extensive experience preparing these plans in municipalities across Southern Ontario. In conjunction with these plans we also prepare compensation plan, drawing on our in-house, full-seal Landscape Architects.

Tree Risk Assessment

Our in-house Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborists have the credentials and skills to perform tree risk assessments with confidence. We are experienced in conducting tree risk assessments at a commercial, municipal and residential scale.

Peer Review & Expert Opinion

Our breadth of consulting experience gives us the unique advantage of being able to critically analyze the work of our peers. We regularly review arborist plans for developments in municipalities across Southern Ontario and are often called upon to provide expert testimony in Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT; formerly OMB) hearings.

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Butternut Health Assessment

Butternut is an endangered tree species in Ontario. Injuring or removing these trees without permission is a crime. Our MNRF-certified Butternut Health Assessors are trained to identify, assess and protect butternuts. When appropriate, we prepare documentation in support of injuring or removing them in accordance with provincial policy and regulation.

Tree Appraisals

In some circumstances, trees need to have their value appraised. Our arborists are experienced in applying the methods for tree appraisal using the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers' Guide for Tree Appraisal for these purposes.


Municipal Tree Inventories

Our municipal inventory experience is exemplary, as our tree identification skills are highly accurate in all seasons, we use reliable GIS technology and can provide data in all common formats.

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Urban Forest Studies

We draw from all our areas of strength to collect field data, conduct analyses and prepare reports on the health of urban forests. These studies are used to plan forest management strategies, determine best practices and better inform policy.


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