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Developing defensible solutions that meet client needs and protection to natural features.



We have decades of experience providing support to private and municipal projects, prior to or following disturbance. Our ecologists are experts in their fields using established field protocols and innovative mitigation methods. We apply our extensive knowledge to help our clients find a defensible solution that meets their needs while providing mitigation and protection to surrounding natural features.


Natural Heritage Planning

Our Ecologists are well versed in the completion of Natural Heritage Assessments for both Private and Municipal clients. We have successfully evaluated natural heritage features for projects of varying scopes, from small private developments to large scale municipal Infrastructure projects.

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Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat, Inventory & Assessment

Aboud & Associates’ Wildlife Ecologists have the knowledge and experience to identify wildlife and wildlife habitat and determine the appropriate preservation or mitigation techniques based on the project and client needs. Our experience includes, but is not limited to, seasonal inventories for; amphibians, birds, turtles, snakes and bats.


Regulatory compliance & permitting

Our team works with clients from the planning stage through to construction completion identifying and implementing the applicable regulations and policies. Applying for permits, ensuring regulatory compliance, and aiding in the completion of long-term monitoring requirements are just a few our the ways we guide our clients through the development process.


Botanical, Wetland and Vegetation Community Assessment

Certified in Ecological Land Classification (ELC) and the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System (OWES), we are experienced in botanical inventories, long term monitoring, landscape connectivity assessment, wetland assessments for unevaluated wetlands and updating wetland boundary delineations.


Environmental Impact Assessment

Our experienced Ecologists have completed numerous Natural Heritage Evaluations in municipalities across Southern Ontario under the EA process, including analysis of options and recommended mitigation.

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Species at Risk

In accordance with municipal and federal regulations, our ecologist have conducted many Species at Risk Surveys, identified species at risk habitat, and provided sound mitigation and avoidance measures.


Environmental Impact Study

Aboud & Associates has completed numerous Environmental Impact Studies (EIS). Our expertise varies from small private development to large scale municipal infrastructure projects.


Fish Rescue & Aquatic Assessment

We have completed numerous Fish Salvage and Relocation for bridge construction, dewatering, dam rehabilitation and stormwater pond maintenance and clean-out. We are certified in Headwater Drainage Feature Assessment, and are experienced in completing Fish Habitat and Watercourse General Assessments for baseline inventories.


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