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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architects, Guelph, Ontario

Landscape Architecture


ABOUD & ASSOCIATES studies the ecology and cultural heritage of the place to understand the capability of a site. We listen to and anticipate the needs of a community, designing for everyday experiences and ecological function to enhance the quality of life. The result is an honest landscape solution that is true to the site, providing exceptional value, social meaning and ecological responsibility.


Ecological Restoration

Nothing in nature exists in isolation, our goal is to establish and maintain a healthy relationship between the natural environment and human development. Our Landscape Architecture and Ecology teams collaborate with conservation authorities, municipalities and provincial approval agencies to provide practical and effective protection, mitigation and stewardship strategies, to establish resilient ecosystems.

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Cultural Heritage Landscapes

Cultural Heritage Landscapes represent the connection between human development and the natural environment. They are often described by UNESCO as representations of human evolution and settlement over time, illustrating our interactions with the natural world. With the ever-increasing densification of our towns and cities, we are continually generating holistic approaches to development that are culturally, socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable.

Learning & Play Environments

The business of of play is integral to the physical, social, intellectual and psychological needs of all children. Our designed learning and play environments, including schools, childcares and libraries, are informed by the philosophy that a basic understanding and connection with one’s environment develops a sense of pride, partnership and stewardship.

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Transit Facilities & Streetscapes

Our streetscape and transit based projects are designed with consideration given towards to be safety, livability and efficiency for people of all ages, abilities and transportation modes. Urban, suburban or rural, each context brings its own unique set of needs and challenges, from fostering a sense of place in disparate communities along an improved country highway, to linking regional centres as part of the GO Transit system.

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Government & Corporate Campuses

Our firm was built on designing and revitalizing government and corporate campuses.Providing naturalization master plans for federal facilities, we continuously apply the principles of low input planting design using indigenous and adaptive plant species suited to the site, as well as innovative stormwater management solutions. The results are a high performing biodiverse landscape with reduced energy needs for the client.


Housing & Mixed Use

We design for everyday experiences in the spaces that we call home. Mindful of every interaction, our Landscape Architects design projects at all scales ranging from a single bench to a new 11,500 resident community. As the population of southern Ontario continues to grow and development intensifies, we apply our expertise to create multifunctional amenity spaces using innovative design technologies and principals, such as crime prevention through environmental design and low impact development.

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Visualization & Visual Impact Assessment

Most land use changes involve the degradation or alteration of visual resources, and the nature and degree of impacts are often varied amongst the affected parties. Our team of Landscape Architects have extensive experience working with the green energy industry, private developers, government sector agencies and regulatory bodies to complete various viewshed analysis (VA), visual impact assessments (VIA) and visualization designs using a range of methodologies in association with these developments. We work to demonstrate estimated visual impacts, as well as potential mitigation measures to preserve the visual character of the surrounding landscapes.

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Parks & Trails

Parks and Trails offer an important resource in combating sedentary health issues such as heart disease and diabetes, and provide an opportunity to connect us to the natural environment and each other. Our team of Landscape Architects design safe, inclusive parks and trails that create positive experiences for users and foster a sense of place within the community. We are honoured to have been integral in the development of: playgrounds, dog parks, bike skills facilities, pocket parks, neighbourhood parks, sports facilities and multi-use trails across Ontario. Community involvement in the programming and design of these spaces is vital, as well as designing to understand and capitalize on context specific opportunities. Our designs always prioritize compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and CPTED principles.


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