Cheryl-Anne Ross


Cheryl-Anne Ross

Ecology Lead . ISA Certifed Arborist

Fish and Wildlife Technologist Dip., B.Sc.

Cheryl-Anne Ross has a comprehensive understanding of the natural environment and the tools that are used to evaluate it. Cheryl-Anne completed her Undergraduate degree in NREM-Wildlife and Fisheries Biology at the University of Northern British Columbia, has a Technical Diploma in Fish and Wildlife Technology from Sir Sandford Fleming College and a decade of experience in the public and private sectors. In addition to working as a Natural Heritage Educator at provincial parks, her professional experience includes working on residential and industrial development and renewable energy projects throughout Ontario. Cheryl-Anne conducts a broad range of natural heritage inventory and assessments including botanical inventories, ELC, species at risk reports, environmental assessments, environmental impact statements, and monitoring for wildlife (avian, herptiles and mammals) and wildlife habitat.

tel: 519-822-6839 ex. 7